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Mind Map Examples Volume Three Mind Map Examples Volume One Mind Map Examples Volume Two

Volumes One to Twenty Two


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Volume Two



Life Purpose


Stop smoking

Stop Thinking Tips

Spiritual Progress





My Favourite Painters



Quick Fixes

Quiet Mind


Volume Three


Thinking outside the box

Repelling Negativity


Sharing Best Practice


Six Thinking Hats



Inspiring Teachers and Authors

The Gap


Tidy Desk

Uses of Mind Maps


Yin and Yang

Your Thoughts Make Your World

Volume One





Breathing Properly






Diabetes Symptoms



Glycaemic Index


Initial Recall

Inner Peace




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Volume Four


33 Three Word Quotes

3D Thinking

5W 1H Solution Finder

100 Uses for Mind Maps

What Makes a Great Blog Post

A to Z of Positive Thinking

Affirmation Tree


Anger is an illusion

Another 24 hours Another Special Day

Another name for Mindmappers

Brain Functions

Chill Out

Commentate your Activities

Complete Jigsaw of You

Day of Silence

Mind Map Examples E-Book Volume Five Mind Map Examples E-Book Volume Four Mind Map Examples E-Book Volume Six Mind Map Examples E-Book Volume Seven Mind Map Examples E-Book Volume Eight






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Volume Five


Dealing with a Negative Thought


Five Steps to Finding your Rag

Flip it

From impossible to I’m possible


Going with the flow


Heavy listening

Heighten your senses

Helping Save Rainforests

How could you modernise a door?

How to have World Peace

How to make a pancake

How to peel an orange

If I had a desert

Volume Six





Letting go

Make scrap serviceable

Mind map tips

Mixing problems to find solutions

Negative positive filing

Never see walls

Now tree


Pen, paper, thought and nature

Power of now

Present moment awareness

Pulling the planet together

Qualities of da Vinci

Volume Seven


Question the oldies

Ronnie Barker

Seth Godin

Shortcut to answer


Space reading

Spiritual progress

Spiritual WYSIWYG

Taming Your Gremlin


Time summary of 70 Years

Time to Think

To Learn it Write it

Trading Trades

Travel Checklist

Turning Circles

Volume Eight


Turning over a new leaf

Unhappy thoughts want identities



Value added thought

Vowels of excellence

What am I thinking right now?

What do clouds do?

What’s in it for them?

What is at the end of the universe?

What is the point of innovation?

What unites us?

What would you do if you found an alien in your bed?

Why did Leonardo da Vinci use Mirror Writing?

World Peace is a Peace of Cake


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Volume Nine


You beneath the labels

Your best is effortless

Positive Gut Feeling

Adding 3D to your Mind Maps

Illusion and Delusion


Go within

Road Love


Working less achieves more


Today did you see?

Half speed

Perfection and Imperfection

Compass of Now


Volume Ten



Everyday Miracles of the Planet

Choosing your path in a world of opposites

Universe what if

Stop at the first thought and witness


This is

Odd combinations

The Teacher within

Developing Patience with Then What

What logs can teach us

Deeper than thought


Yesterday or Yes to Today

Bike of Life

Using your Head

Mind-Map-Examples-Cover-Vol 9 125


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Volume Eleven


Learn Love Live

To Do Today

Where have you been so far?

Product Merge

Creating your own magic

Zen as I see it

Unnecessary Complexity

Riding the Waves

Creative Focus

Few animals moan

What makes you blue?

Good needs no convincing

The Planet provides

Dealing with info

Creating without the creator

Poise of the Heron


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Volume Twelve


If I built greenhouses

Wheel of real change

Jump in a Time Machine to Innovate

Why I feel Visual Thinking Works

The Rickety Old House of Creativity


Does Yoda override Descartes?

Meditate on the Universe

Blurring the line between work and play

Why the Planet is more advanced than Humans

The Mind Map of Me Template

Benefits of drinking Water

Peace of Nature

The Charlie Chaplin Guide to Visual Thinking

Observing your Thinking

Human Beings exist on this Planet everything else is Invention


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Volume Thirteen


Room to Grow

How to enjoy washing the Dishes

Tips for the Positive Rebel

Advice from da Vinci

Beyond comfort zones


One word focus daily

90% illusion 10% truth

You don't have to be big to think big

Music and Sport are key to Peace

The burden of carrying a heavy story

All answers are words

Daily miracles of the Warrior of Light

Things you can do to help that take under 30 seconds

A vision for India

Detach from outcome

Mind-Map-Examples-Cover-Vol 14 125


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Volume Fourteen



How might our buildings combine with nature?

Thought categories

Nature power

Nature without labels

The Champion of You

Nothing lasts forever

The meaning of your life

Why I like abstract art


Be You

Error perspective

Open mind

Meeting of worlds

Happy and Creative

Compelled to do

Mind-Map-Examples-Cover-Vol 15 125


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Volume Fifteen


Timeless success

Statistics for a 70 year lifespan

Fear of Silence

You are writing the book of your life

Resistance to happiness

One word meditation

Drawing a cartoon character in 5 steps

Observations of ten minutes silence

Change the World activity

Barbecue Spicy Chicken recipe

Look again

Intentional misfits

The Climate within

Rising above negativity

Why Columbo is a Creative Genius

Harnessing motion into energy

Mind-Map-Examples-Cover-Vol 16 125


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Volume Sixteen


Peace is an achievable miracle

Natural joys


Vanishing yesterdays

Stop the planet I want to get off

Sing like the birds

No snow, no snowman

Getting is temporary giving can last forever

Laugh every day

Dust in the wind

Flow zone

Barbecue Sheek Kebabs


Eric Gill

Flood ideas

Dream Vision

Volume Seventeen


Cure World Problems through relocation

The Sky is like Peace

Unlimited Potential

Feel as you Think

When Passion meets Purpose

If I had an Ocean Liner

Silent recharge

The Beauty of Surrender

Mini Moment Missions

Beyond Belief

There you are

The Peace of Classical Music

Monday Morning Raining



The Power of One

Volume Eighteen


This moment is

What's your encore?

Calming Chill Break

One man can make a difference

The Smaller Picture

Work expands

Enough suffering

Special moments

New History starts Now

Marvel at the Beauty of the Planet

Physical demonstration of Mental Freedom

Doing things differently

Why attach to a Thought?

The rabbit and the roundabout


How to refocus

Volume Nineteen


Olympic Potential

View from the Moon

Invest in Cures

You make you feel good

We are all visitors

The diamond beneath the sheets

Ideas shared are ideas aired

Attachment or happiness

Solar Panel Potential

Advantages of Hand-drawn Mindmapping

The Art of Non-reaction

Ground view Linear versus Aerial view Mind Map

Mind Map Firsts

Global Waterways

Creativity Principles


Volume Twenty


Creating an ink only Mind Map

Imagine 2110


Nature has Answers

Drop bad days welcome good days

The Patience of the Spider

The big fight in the little insect

Trains could harness wind power

Food Growing Potential

Barbecue Chicken and Red Lentil Curry

If I had an Erosion Point

New cities as a cure for unemployment

Squirrels in the Park

The most precious moment

Meditation Visualization

The Buzz beyond Words

Volume Twenty One


An apology to the Universe

Alien landing Positive or Negative

If I designed a Pier

Imagine a new Planet

Three points of awareness

Creative Snowman

Drawing the line of Forgiveness

Light of Peace

Invisible Beauty

Lessons from a Swan

Quiet Heart

Paintbrush Mindmapping

Last Day

Silence shared equals effortless Peace

No us and them

Unhappiness equals resisting reality

Volume Twenty Two


World Stage Domination

Zen Master Stereotype

Heath Robinson

50 Thinking Prompts

Barbecue Garlic Beefburgers

Lady Gaga Quotes

Nature picks up your vibes

What Stevie Wonder sees

I am me

Mystery Mind Map Challenge

The Wind cries Mary

Bridge of Nature

A to Z of What I want for the World

Going for Gold

Sticks and Stones

Haunted by your own Ghost

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